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   Bond Pest Control


The Bond Pest Control Team has over 40 years of combined experience in servicing customers in the Pest Control Industry. Bond Pest Control LLC is licensed, insured and bonded and prepared to service your account with the latest, state of the art equipment  from Temp Air.    Thermal Remediation is proven to be safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and the most economical way to treat bed bug infestations.

Due to the rise in bed bug occurrences , and the stigma associated with bed bugs vacation rental properties, as well as the reputation of our community is in jeopardy if the situation is not addressed and handled immediately and in a professional manner.

No one can stop bed bugs from entering a location.  They are professional hitchhikers and can be found anywhere people are located.  Movie theaters, airports, restaurants, churches, etc. are just a few examples of where bed bugs can be found.

Research has determined that a combination of inspections with proactive chemical treatments along with Thermal Remediation (heat treatment) is the best way to ensure bed bugs are eliminated from the property.


Our staff can inspect your property on a quarterly basis to help identify problems before they become full blown infestations.



Bond Pest Control LLC. offers a two step proactive approach combining heat treatment and chemical treatments to kill bed bugs.


Follow ups:

We stand behind our work and offer a complex followup inspection to make sure the bugs are gone.